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Women in Cybersecurity

Women in Cybersecurity

A List of Badass Cybersecurity Women We Follow -And Why You Should Too.
The tech sector is a man’s land. Cybersecurity, specifically, has the biggest gender gap of all- with women occupying only 11% of it. This number has remained steady since 2013 and is much lower than the representation of women in the overall global workforce (ISC 2017). Other sources incorporate a broader definition of cybersecurity positions and subfields to estimate a 20% figure – slightly better, but still low. And what can we do about it? We can amplify the voices of women who are there. We can celebrate their work and spark interest in their expertise, and not only talk about their opinions regarding this gender issue. So, without further ceremony, here is a list of 30 women in cybersecurity whose achievements we want to celebrate and reinforce within the tech sector and beyond. Next time you’re wondering about women’s prospects in the cybersecurity workforce, feel free to revert to this list for role models and inspiration.

And while we’re celebrating #WomenPower, here’s an offer for all cybersecurity professionals: claim 1 of 10 complimentary VIP passes to UKSec: the inaugural Cyber Security Summit dedicated to the Nordic region. The likes of Danielle Ashcroft, Deborah Haworth, Runli Guo, and Rhiannon Lawson are amongst the thought-leading women who will be there to share their knowledge. Use the code SHEVIP to secure your pass today and hear from them first-hand: https://cyberseries.io/uksec/
Or request a brochure here for more information.

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