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UKSec Launched for 2018!

UKSec Launched for 2018!

UKSec Launched for 2018!

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming UKSec Summit

The inaugural UKsec Summit is the only summit designed by & for the service sector, with the purpose of creating a special platform for industries that are the backbone of the UK economy. Being a prime target for cybercriminals, the service sector needs to reach a homogenous level of cyber maturity to face threats and survive attacks. To achieve this goal, we have powerful tools at our disposal: information sharing, peer-to-peer education and the establishment of new partnerships. This summit constitutes a unique opportunity for the UK’s Senior Information Security Executives to get hold of such tools.

With an extensively researched agenda, tailored to industry-specific requirements by a steering committee of industry experts, attendees can expect the most up to date topics and grasp a real understanding of key issues within their industry.

Participants will be truly engaged throughout the summit, through keynotes, case studies, Q&As, panels, group discussions, situation tables and focus groups – maximising active involvement and interaction opportunities under the Chatham House Rules.

Why now?

Over the last year, we have seen a significant increase in the scale and severity of malicious cyber activity globally. In the UK, we have seen the impact of major cybersecurity incidents, such as the WannaCry attack that affected 48 NHS Trusts. These attacks have real-world impacts – from cancelled hospital appointment to small business’ losing money. A cyber-attack on one of the UK’s well-known Internet Service Providers cost £60m and the loss of 95,000 customers. It is therefore no surprise that CEOs and senior security leaders are taking this increasingly seriously.

Why the Service Sector?

The economy of the UK today is overwhelmingly fuelled by the strength of its services sector, which accounts for some 79% of the total GDP.

The UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 found that the average cost of a cyber-security breach for a large business is £19,600 and for a small to medium-sized business is £1,570.

This exponential growth of the cyber threat is confirmed by figures from Business Continuity Institute (BCI), which have revealed that 53% of UK firms now consider a cyber-attack as the main threat facing them in the near future.

PwC have also worked out that £857,000 is the average annual cost incurred by UK firms who have fallen victim to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Any incidents can therefore have adverse and disruptive implications.

Key Themes of the Summit:

The skillset of the CISO: To what extent must CISOs be Tech-Experts? Or do they actually have to be Business People? How to find balance between tech and business skills.

Relationships between the CISO and other company departments: How do you establish a trust-based relation? How to become a trusted advisor to the board and How to make establish a relation based on trust rather than fear with your employees.

Third party security managers: Do you need to appoint a Vendor Security Manager?

Insourcing vs outsourcing: Evaluating the pro’s & cons

Creating a culture of Cyber Security: How to engage with other departments to make sure security resides at the core of digitalisation and is embedded in all business activity.

Using risk as a “Language” to achieve Board Buy-in

Ransomware and distributed denial of service attacks

Request a copy of the detailed agenda here.

Who will be Attending?

• Chief Information Security Officers
• Chief Information Officers
• Heads of Information Security
• Heads of Cyber Security
• Heads of IT Risk
• Data Protection Officers.
• Heads of Information Security Governance & Compliance
• Heads of IT
• Business Information Security Officers
• VPs of Information Security
• Cyber Security Directors
• Heads of IT Audit

Industries Include:

• Banking & Finance
• Insurance
• Retail & Wholesale
• Hospitality
• E-Businesses
• Government
• Healthcare
• Higher Education
• Marketing & Advertising
• Broadcasting
• Telecommunications & IT

Only 2 Weeks Remaining to Book & Save €200:
Reserve your place at UKsec today: https://www.cyberseries.io/uksec

Please feel free to reach out if you require any more information regarding speaking, sponsoring or attending this summit. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you to London!
UKsec is CPD certified summit, brought to you by Qatalyst Global.

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