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UAE Industrial Sector Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

UAE Industrial Sector Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new wave of targeted attacks against the industrial and engineering sectors in multiple countries around the world, including the UAE.

Using spear-phishing emails and malware based on commercial spyware kit, criminals hunt for valuable business related data stored in their victims’ networks. In total, over 130 organisations from 30 countries, including Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, were successfully attacked by this group.

In June 2016, Kaspersky Lab researchers spotted a wave of spear-phishing emails with malicious attachments. These messages were mostly sent to the top and middle level managers of numerous companies. The emails sent by the attackers appeared to be coming from a bank in the UAE: they looked like payment advice from the bank with an attached SWIFT document, the attached archive contained malware.


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