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Tags: Middle East

Israel: Cybersecurity Recipe

4 Ingredients That Make Israel a Cybersecurity Powerhouse.   With more start-ups and tech professionals per capita than any other country, it is no question that Israel is a booming cyber-tech hub of innovation. But how does a country with a population roughly the same as that of New York City -and a limited budget-

CS4CA MENA 2019 Overview

CS4CA MENA: Government Officials & 100+ Industry leaders Discuss Cyber Security.   Understaffing and underinvestment place ICS security under constant risk in the MENA region, with over 40% of the region’s ICS computers facing cyber-attacks every semester [Kaspersky]. Several industries suffer the consequences of this cyber crisis: Transport & Logistic companies dread the reputational damage

Seamless retrieval of knowledge without the input of humans is our future

Our ‘things’ have become connected and they have begun to communicate with each other; not quite in the Toy Story way, more the artificial intelligence and learning algorithms way. Still, left to their own ‘devices’, without proper safeguards and regulations in place, IoT can unfortunately be incredibly lethal. Driverless cars for instance, connected and potentially

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