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Israel: Cybersecurity Recipe

4 Ingredients That Make Israel a Cybersecurity Powerhouse.   With more start-ups and tech professionals per capita than any other country, it is no question that Israel is a booming cyber-tech hub of innovation. But how does a country with a population roughly the same as that of New York City -and a limited budget-

CS4CA MENA 2019 Overview

CS4CA MENA: Government Officials & 100+ Industry leaders Discuss Cyber Security.   Understaffing and underinvestment place ICS security under constant risk in the MENA region, with over 40% of the region’s ICS computers facing cyber-attacks every semester [Kaspersky]. Several industries suffer the consequences of this cyber crisis: Transport & Logistic companies dread the reputational damage

Feature: Jason, CISO at PAS

There’s No Technological Panacea to Save ICS From Cyber Threats- You Need Strong Foundations.   “We’re chronically late to the party” starts Jason on stage “…because we’re still trying to learn the lessons from the last 10-15 years, while our adversaries are out there innovating.” He’s at CS4CA Europe 2018, speaking about securing industrial control

Indegy will be attending the Cyber Security for Critical Assets in the European Summit, this September.

Indegy provides situational awareness and real-time security for industrial control networks to ensure operational continuity and reliability. The Indegy platform delivers comprehensive visibility and oversight into all OT activities, including changes to controller logic, configuration and state, across all vendor devices, by utilizing control network inspection of proprietary control communications, and patent-pending agentless controller verification

APTs: Defining and Defeating Cyber Security’s Greatest Adversary

Chad Skipper, VP of Product Testing & Certifications at Cylance, will be speaking at the Cyber Security for Critical Assets in the European Summit, this September. Chad has over 20 years of experience in security detection, security management, monitoring and intelligence mitigation solutions. He has extensive experience in releasing products and services and has a

Cyber Security Market to Grow at CAGR 8.3% Till 2021 Says TechSci Research Report

Increasing cyber-attacks on the critical infrastructure has rendered worldwide security at risk. The prime motive behind these attacks is to gain access to financial information and retrieve sensitive information related to an organisations’ operational strategies, government defence moves, etc. Further, banking & financial institutions, stock exchanges are also becoming highly vulnerable to the cyber-attacks. According to

Redefining your Current Cyber Risk Management Practices

Mati Epstein, Global Sales Manager, Critical Infrastructure at Check Point will be speaking at the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Europe Summit, this September in London. Mati has over 15 years of sale, partner management and business development experience in Internal markets. He has extensive experience with data communication and cyber security solutions in Critical

Strategies for Effective Integration of Corporate IT and Process Control Systems

Mike Heredia is the Sale Director Northern Europe & Middle East of SkyBox Security, and will be speaking at the Cyber Security for Critical Assets in the European Summit, this September. He is skilled in starting up IT Security companies, establishing substantial revenue growth and profitability for all his employers. He has worked within the

After DNC Hack, Cybersecurity Experts Worry About Old Machines, Vote Tampering

Security experts say that Russian hackers have broken into the computers of not only the Democratic National Committee but other targets as well. This has raised a new wave of concerns that on Election Day, the votes themselves could be compromised by hackers, potentially tipping the results. Most states have returned to paper-backed voting systems

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