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NSA leak rattles cybersecurity industry

NSA leak rattles cybersecurity industry

After an unknown group released a cache of hacking tools from the National Security Agency earlier this week, some of the biggest tech companies in the world are scrambling to patch their systems and software to protect themselves and customers from attacks.

The leak came from the anonymous group calling itself the Shadow Brokers. While the group’s origin and motivations remain unknown, cybersecurity experts and former agency employees have authenticated the cache of NSA hacking tools.

By exposing the custom-made malware online, the Shadow Brokers have suddenly made many of the systems American corporations rely on for cybersecurity more vulnerable to digital attacks from criminals and spies.

Now, many cybersecurity experts are asking why the NSA would stockpile so many of these kinds of security vulnerabilities without telling the affected companies such as networking giants Cisco and digital security firm Fortinet.

“The policy question we have to ask ourselves is what’s an acceptable amount of time for the NSA to keep these exploits exclusively, before being legally compelled to disclose them,” says Jeremiah Grossman, head of security strategy at cybersecurity firm SentinelOne.

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