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Interview with Ovanes Mikhailov on Cyber security in the UAE

Interview with Ovanes Mikhailov on Cyber security in the UAE

TOGY talks to Ovanes Mikhailov, managing director of Kaspersky Lab, about the cyber security of critical infrastructure and industrial environments, based on industrial control systems…

How would you characterise the size of the cyber security market for the oil and gas industry?
The cyber security market has already surpassed the physical security market in terms of size. More and more important and confidential information is being stored on computers and cloud based systems which means protecting software and hardware is of critical importance, especially for companies dealing with sensitive information and highly valuable assets, like oil and gas companies.
Most of our clients in the oil and gas industry are large international companies and they are fully aware of the threat posed by hackers to their institution’s IT systems. They normally have large IT departments which analyse their risks and have the infrastructure and funds to invest in protective software and the appropriate staff training to minimise the threat of an attack.

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