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ManuSec USA 2018 Write-Up

3rd ManuSec USA: Post-event Write Up.   For any business to ‘make it’ in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is an unnegotiable requisite: strengthening the protection of its key assets. This is particularly true for the manufacturing industry, highly targeted by cyber threats from both its IT and OT gateways and demanding a stronger-than-ever cross-departmental

GDPR: One Year To Go

GDPR: One Year To Go

STUART CHAPPENDEN, LONDON We’ve just passed the year mark on the countdown to the GDPR enforcement date. If the thought of less than 365 days left to ensure your company will be compliant isn’t enough to get the ball rolling, the recent WannaCry cyberattack definitely should. The GDPR’s raison d’etre will be putting the control

5 Questions on Critical Infrastructure with Larry Clinton

  Larry Clinton, CEO/President,  Internet Security Alliance tells Qatalyst Global about his thoughts on the state of cyber security in Critical Infrastructure.     What three Cyber Security trends do you see happening within Critical Infrastructure ? The first trend that I see is that the Cyber Security system itself is becoming technically weaker due to

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