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A Day In The Life of an Industrial IoT Summit Delegate

A Day In The Life of an Industrial IoT Summit Delegate

A Day In The Life of an Industrial IoT Summit Delegate

This post will give you a flavour of a day at the Industrial IoT Summit, held in Munich, 7-8 November 2017.

To find out more, email our delegate relations team at info@qatalystglobal.com or check out the website at www.industrialiotseries.com/europe.

7:30am – Hit the hotel breakfast hard. It’s a Kempinski, so the food is amazing.

8:00am – Get directions from the concierge and find your way to the conference registration desk. After you get your ID badge, pick up a coffee and scan the room for people you know – who’s the guy in the corner by the Intel stand?

8:30am – The chairman is kicking off in the next room. By the time you’ve made it to your seat and found your iPad for some notes, the opening panel starts assembling onstage. One of the panellists works in your industry – it’d be good to talk to her at some point.

10:30am – There’s a keynote presentation about exploiting big data & making best use of cloud technologies, and then a really interesting session about how a manufacturing plant connected their bespoke machinery. The boss calls halfway through – didn’t he see your out-of-office?

11:00am – Refuel over coffee. We get given red cards and green cards and play a speed networking game. I must have spoken to 50 people in half an hour! I should bring more business cards next time.

12:30pm – Time for lunch! We get shown to the lunch area with a lovely view of the city. The people on my table all speak excellent English (my German isn’t great!) and we strike up a lively conversation about the complications of multi-platform environments.

1:30pm – On the programme for this afternoon is a debate and a couple of presentations. That overview of the new platform you were wondering about getting in for a session back at the office – is there a rep somewhere? It’d be good to book that in.

3:00pm – Squeezed in a great conversation with the lady from this morning’s panel debate during the afternoon coffee break. Very soon it’s time to head back in for a case study. I think it’s a Swiss energy company – they’ve had a fully smart grid running for about a year and are talking about how they did it.

4:45pm Had to take a quick call outside, but on the way back in found one of the speakers lurking in the exhibition hall. We had a lively chat about IoT security before finding seats at the back of the conference room.

6:00pm Really enjoyed the group discussions. We got really technical in the end. There’s talk of a cocktail reception in the bar going on now, and a few prize draws – somebody was giving away a pair of nice Bose headphones I think.

7:00pm A group of us head out to find a nice restaurant – the hotel was fully booked! Check back in tomorrow.

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