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Amongst the multitude of things brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, two are certain: tremendous changes and the pressure to embrace them. With the rapid rise of technology transforming the way businesses are functioning,...


Operational technology (OT) is the beating heart of the critical infrastructures supporting our life standards. As infrastructures become increasingly elaborate, interconnected, and co-dependent, their disruption can afflict entire...


With the Industrial IoT revolution well underway data management is key to successfully guiding your company into Industrial 4.0 standards. With many aspects of Data Management. Today we look at its cores aspects including Data...


Fall brings an annual budgetary exercise for which many mid-level managers and executives will be unprepared. Unfortunately, according to Willis-Tower-Watson, “Among executives, there is little consensus on how to allocate cyber...


Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming UKSec Summit The inaugural UKsec Summit is the only summit designed by & for the service sector, with the purpose of creating a special platform for industries that are...


Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit Returns to London on October 2nd & 3rd After four successful editions, Cyber Security for Critical Assets Europe returns for a 5th successive summit this October, as part of the CS4CA...


  Yards from the Tower of London, a proud symbol of national security for centuries, delegates gathered for this year’s Cyber Security for Critical Assets Europe Summit. Over coffee and pastries, there were conversations in...


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