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ManuSec USA 2018 Write-Up

ManuSec USA 2018 Write-Up

3rd ManuSec USA: Post-event Write Up.
For any business to ‘make it’ in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is an unnegotiable requisite: strengthening the protection of its key assets. This is particularly true for the manufacturing industry, highly targeted by cyber threats from both its IT and OT gateways and demanding a stronger-than-ever cross-departmental collaboration. Providing a platform for this joint effort to advance, the ManuSec USA Summit returned for its 3rd edition in 2018.
Process control and corporate cybersecurity leaders from across America’s critical manufacturing industries united in Chicago for two days: Informative panels were engaging, table discussions were meaningful, networking breaks were lively, solutions providers met existing and potential customers, and attendees expanded their minds and professional networks– a great step towards improving Industry 4.0 resilience through collaboration.

First-rate speakers assessed the consequences of ICS and corporate IT integration, shared tips on how to identify and prioritize valuable data assets, and discussed how to improve employee awareness towards cyber threats. The line-up included:
Lisa Tuttle, CISO, SPX Corporation
Arvin Verma, Cyber Risk Management Specialist, PepsiCo
Juliet Okafor, SVP, Global Security Solutions
Alexander Joves, Infrastructure protection Regional Director, Department of Homeland Security
Ismael Guneydas, Head of Cyber Security Vulnerability Management, Kimberly Clark
Caralynn Collens, CEO, UI Labs
Senior-level attendees represented the Transport, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Aerospace, Automotive, Machinery, Heavy Industry and Metals industries. Laura Bearskin, CISO, Threat Intelligence Lead at Harley Davidson, wore a smile throughout: “When I found out about this conference, I was really excited that there were other people looking at this topic and it’s been really helpful for me to come here.” Mathew Perry, Manager Global IT Security and Compliance at Libby, said “This summit has been the most informative and engaging I’ve been to- I like the intimacy, you can approach, talk and collaborate with anyone, and I really appreciate that”.
“One of the most targeted industries is manufacturing, for adversarial attacks and threats; a lot of the attendees are here to tell their story and we wanted to be here to hear them and to introduce our solution. This event was even more exciting and better than I thought it might be.”- Katherine Brocklehurst, Senior Director of Partners and Field marketing at Claroty, the official sponsor of ManuSec USA 2018.
If you couldn’t make it to ManuSec USA 2018, don’t worry: This is an annual event. Stay tuned for ManuSec USA 2019 at: https://www.manusecevent.com/usa/
ManuSec USA took place in Chicago, USA, 9th and 10th of October 2018. A big thank you to our sponsors: Claroty, Tripwire, DarkTrace Industrial, Indegy, CyberX, Fortinet, CyberBit, Onapsis, Fortress, Cylance, Duo, CheckPoint Software technologies, Security Matters, Verve, BayShore.

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